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Global Volatility Makes India a Good Place to Invest

by Desh International Law December 5, 2014 India Business & Law

Global stock and commodities volatility makes India a good place to invest, at least according to one leading investments manager.  In an editorial, Nitin Jain, president and head of capital markets for WAM Asset Management, Edelweiss, wrote that now is a good time to invest in India, as stock markets around the world are experiencing […]

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Burger King Makes Big Investment in India

by Desh International Law December 4, 2014 India Business & Law

Fast food chain Burger King is making a big investment in India.  U.S.-based Burger King is testing out the India market, with planned openings of twelve stores in the next few months, with plans to expand rapidly if those ventures succeed.   According to the India Business Standard, Burger King joined forces with Everstone Capital, a […]

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Expanded India Cabinet Warmly Welcomed by Business Leaders

by Desh International Law December 3, 2014 India Business & Law

An expanded Indian Cabinet is being warmly welcomed by business leaders.  Just months into his administration, pro-business Prime Minister Narendra Modi has added 21 new ministers to his cabinet, and business leaders are cheering some of the appointments.  While Modi promised to keep his number of cabinet members small (under 45), the latest appointments have […]

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Lenovo is Betting on Major Growth in India

by Desh International Law December 2, 2014 India Business & Law

Computer giant Lenovo is betting on major growth in India’s mobile phone markets over the next few years.  The Chinese computer maker recently acquired Motorola from Google, and is poised to sell lots and lots of cell phones in India.   Lenovo is already the world’s largest computer manufacturer, and has recently expanded its portfolio to […]

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Salaries on the Rise in India

by Desh International Law December 1, 2014 India Business & Law

Professional and non-professional salaries are on the rise in India.  The Times of India is reporting that the average employee in India will see an average of a 10.9% increase in their salary in the next twelve months.   As far as salary increases across Asia, only Pakistan and Vietnam are expected to see higher […]

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Honda, Yamaha Bet Big on Motorcycle Sales in India

by Desh International Law November 30, 2014 India Business & Law

Japanese motorcycle manufacturers Honda and Yamaha are betting big on motorcycle sales in India.   Honda’s Indian operations, known as the Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, is looking to step on the gas with its sales.  The company is currently only selling imported higher-end motorcycles, but hopes to rev up its top-of-the-line business with new […]

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Columbia Sportswear Plans to Open 25 New Stores in India

by Desh International Law November 29, 2014 India Business & Law

American outdoor retailer Columbia Sportswear has announced plans to open 25 new stores in India. After launching its first flagship store in Delhi last year, the world’s second largest outdoor retailer is poised to make a rapid expansion with significant investments in the growing nation.   The Economic Times reports that the Portland, Oregon-based retailer, […]

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UK Gemfields to Buy Indian Gemstone Mines

by Desh International Law November 27, 2014 India Business & Law

Gemfields, the UK-based luxury precious gems company is gearing up to start operating gemstone mines in India. Principals say the renewed investment in India is due to the new business-friendly Indian government.   The India Business Standard quotes Dev Shetty, CEO of Gemfields, as saying, “For the past four months, a business-friendly wave has flown […]

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Toshiba Gears Up for $100 Million Investment in India

by Desh International Law November 26, 2014 India Business & Law

Japanese conglomerate and consumer electronics maker Toshiba Corporation is set to invest more than $100 million in India to expand its capacity over the next few years.  The Economic Times reports that the multi-national company is planning to spend $30 million on expanding the firm’s capacity for its power and power distribution business in India. […]

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Automaker Fiat Expects Growth in India Sales

by Desh International Law November 25, 2014 India Business & Law

Automaker Fiat is expecting sales growth in India in the next year, after making major investment in a new vehicle model specifically designed for Indian driving conditions.   Fiat, a division of Fiat Chrysler Automobile, operates in India as Fiat Group Automobiles India Pvt. Ltd.  The automaker is, in the words of the India Business Standard, […]

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